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Soft Hand Strategy

Here, you will get some general advice on playing soft blackjack hands with the ideal basic strategy. Only several hands exist that you need to worry about when it comes to this particular category - seven in total - wherein soft hands are going to show up much less frequently compared to hard hands. However, it would still be vital to play all of these hands the right way.

What are soft hands?

First and foremost, you have to understand something about these soft hands: it is practically impossible for you to bust when you have soft hands. Also, these soft hands can never be considered "stiff". However, if the hand total ends up getting so high that an Ace needs to be seen as 1, the hand will not be considered soft anymore.

Instead, it will then be considered hard and thus has to be played along with its appropriate strategy as needed for the hard total.

Hit or Stand

Almost always, it will be a necessity to stand on soft 18s and anything higher. Also, you will always have to hit on soft 17s or anything lower. To find out the reasons behind these rules, however, you will need to look for individual articles that focus on how each of those hands needs to be played.