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Web Privacy Policy

We provide the highest standard service to our users and customers and we all do with a professional way. We always respect the safety of the personal information of our users. We always provide the best service within the shortest period of time. The location of our main office is Suite No. 3, Marina Street 209, and Pieta, Malta.

We provide the best security for our customers and users personal and business related information. We mainly provide the security services in three different types of aspects and they are given below:

  • IT Security
  • Financial Security
  • Legal Security

We have the license to business the remote gaming from the government of Malta, which is a state of the European Union. We use the license of the government and the license is given with some restrictions and regulations and we always follow and respect those restrictions. Our license number is 176 in 2004 Lotteries and other license based on the Other Games Act, issued in 2001, 2004, Remote Gaming Regulation. We always follow the rules to continue our business and each and every rules and terms of our company based on these rules.

We all know that Malta is the only nation of EU who has the regulation on the online casino gaming and other types of online gaming. Our country has the most complicated rules between the players and authorities and you can't match these rules with other countries rules about this sector and for this case we always have to be sure about the profit for the users and main authorities.

We always protect the personal information of our customers and users and we never provide this information to a third party unless the court wants that or the government wants the information for some security purpose. If you violate the terms and conditions of our website then we can provide or share your personal information with the governing body of our company.

You will have the personal account number if you create an account on our website. You have to choose an username and password for your account. It will be your responsibility to keep secures your username and password. If you think that other people have the access of your personal information or your personal account you can contact with the authority of Casino Riva and you will get a new password for your account immediately.

We record all the conversations between the users or customers and the can center agents of Casino Riva. We also keep the record of internet communications.